REALFACE Glamouflage
Facial Recognition Dazzle

2k14 Collection:, KK, Byrus Cieber

2k13 Collection:
Jichael Mackson, Sritney Bpears, Oarack Bbama
PowerFaces© Britt & Laura

Realface Glamouflage is a collection of Tshirts offering facial recognition dazzle. Dazzle is a form of camouflage developed during WW1 to confuse rather than conceal. Realface Glamouflage patterns are collages of celebrity lookalikes and impersonators as well as high circulation pirated faces used in fake profiles and spam ads. Questioning facial economies and online identity, Realface Glamouflage offers facial piracy for privacy. Is the most pirated and approriated face the most luxurious identity? Many facebook profiles with the same face but different names. Bot profile pictures and ghost twins, Realface Glamouflage does not aim to conceal the wearer's face, it's attempt is to add noise around ones visual identity to dazzle and confuse machine vision.

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